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The gateway to the coast of Kenya, Mombasa is one of the best travel destinations in Kenya. When Ibn Battuta visited Mombasa in the 14th century, it was a small commercial center, which later on became one of the most important port cities along the East African Coast. Today Mombasa is the largest port in Kenya. Offering a vivacious mix of cultures, entertainment and architectures, Mombasa is an excellent destination for travellers to explore.

The Fort Jesus is one of the main attractions in the city. The fort finds location in the Old Town of Mombasa along the coastline and was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese. On the northern coast of Mombasa lie the most historic ruins of the city, the Gedi Ruins. Originally Gedi was a small town built of stones and rocks and can be dated to the 15th century. The area was inhabited by the Swahili people and travellers can still see the original foundations.

The Haller Park is the largest wildlife park in Mombasa and houses a large variety of animals, birds, reptiles and insects. Travellers can enjoy walking along the trail in the park and also see educational videos.


Pappilion Lagoon Reef 27th Apr - 7th July All Inclusive Ksh. 16,400/- Ksh. 28,300/-Ksh. 25,500/-Ksh. 37,500/-
Diani Reef Beach
27th Apr - 30th Jun

1st July - 31st July

27th Apr - 30th Jun

1st July - 31st July
Half Board

Half Board]

Full Board

Full Board
Ksh. 17,100/-

Ksh. 18,000/-

Ksh. 19,000/-

Ksh. 19,900/-
Ksh. 29,500/-

Ksh. 31,400/-

Ksh. 33,400/-

Ksh. 35,300/-
Ksh. 26,200/-

Ksh. 27,200/-

Ksh. 28,100/-

Ksh. 29,100/-
Ksh. 38,800/-

Ksh. 40,700/-

Ksh. 42,600/-

Ksh. 44,500/-
Leisure Lodge 9th July - 30th Sept

9th July - 30th Sept
Half Board

All Inclusive

Ksh. 22,900/-
Ksh. 31,500 /-

Ksh. 41,100/-

Ksh. 32,000/-
Ksh. 40,700/-

Ksh. 50,250/-
Baobab Beach 27th Apr - 30th June

1st July 31st Aug
All Inclusive

All Inclusive
Ksh. 18,400/-

Ksh. 24,700/-
Ksh. 32,500/-

Ksh. 44,700/-

Ksh. 34,000/-
Ksh. 41,600/-

Ksh. 53,700/-
Neptune Village 27th Apr 30th June

1st July - 31st Aug
All Inclusive

All Inclusive
Ksh. 19,100/-

Ksh. 20,110/-
Ksh. 33,200/-

Ksh. 35,120/-


Leopard beach
27th Apr - 15th July

16th July - 31st Aug
Half Board

Half Board
Ksh. 19,200/-

Ksh. 24,700/-
Ksh. 33,700/-

Ksh. 44,700/-
Ksh. 28,200/-

Ksh. 33,800/-
Ksh. 43,500/-

Ksh. 54,100/-
Diani Sea Lodge 1st May - 08th July All Inclusive
Ksh. 20,900/- Ksh. 37,500/-
Ksh. 46,700/-
Neptune Paradise
27th Aprl - 30th Jun

1st July -31st Aug
All Inclusive

All Inclusive
Ksh. 21,100/-

Ksh. 22,000/-
Ksh. 37,020/-

Ksh. 38,900/-
Ksh. 30,400/-

Ksh. 31,400/-
Ksh. 46,100/-

Ksh. 48,100/-
Diani Sea Resort 1st May - 8th July All Inclusive
Ksh.19,200/- Ksh. 33,900/-
Ksh. 43,050/-
Neptune Palm 27th Apr - 30th Jun

1st July -31st Aug
All Inclusive

All Inclusive
Ksh. 23,000/-

Ksh. 23,900/-
Ksh. 41,000/-

Ksh. 42,700/-

Ksh. 33,200/-
Ksh. 50,000/-

Ksh. 52,020/-
The Sands at Chale Island 27th Apr - 30th Jun

1st - July - 31st Oct
Half Board

Half Board
Ksh. 24,700/-

Ksh. 31,100/-

Ksh. 40,600/-

Ksh. 34,600/-

Ksh. 41,000/-
Ksh. 50,300/-

Ksh. 63,000/-
Southern Palms 1st May - 30th June

1st July - 31st Aug

All Inclusive

All Inclusive
Ksh. 21,000/-

Ksh. 28,600/-
Ksh. 37,000/-

Ksh. 52,800/-

Ksh. 37,700/-
Ksh. 46,550/-

Ksh. 61,700/-
Swahili Beach 27th Apr - 31st JulFull Board
Ksh. 29,000/- Ksh. 53,500/-
Ksh. 38,000/-Ksh. 62,600/-




  • Return  Tickets on SGR and Flights   
  • Train Station Transfers to and from the hotel  
  • All inclusive includes – All meals during your stay (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) all international buffet style and  unlimited drinks alcoholic or non-alcoholic
  • 4 Nights’ Accommodation in the stated  room(s) categories 
  • HB (Half Board ) includes: Breakfast ,Lunch OR dinner
  • FB ( Full Board ) includes: Breakfast , Lunch and dinner

Tour Itinerary

Our Mombasa package will start from Nairobi with a flight/SGR to Mombasa. On arrival,our driver will pick and transfer you to your Mombasa hotel for lunch and relaxation by the pool or beach the entire afternoon. Dinner and over night stay at the hotel.

Mombasa full day at leisure.


After breakfast, proceed to Mombasa Marine park (own cost). Tour the park in a glass bottom boat where you spend the better part of the morning enjoying the marine life scenery as you, sunbath and swim in the ocean. Return to the hotel for lunch then spend the afternoon relaxing in your room or beach bed as you enjoy your drinks and make merry with the wide variety of delicious meals and cocktail drinks. Dinner and over night stay at the hotel.


Mombasa full day at leisure


After breakfast, have a walk to the beach. Then go for a nature walk to see wildlife at Haller park (own cost) followed by Mombasa city tour and Fort Jesus (own cost).Go back to your hotel where our driver comes pick you for a transfer to the airport/Station for your journey to Nairobi.

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    good work

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    looking for a good package to take my family

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